Getting Maya under CTRL – Part I

Hey guys!

Let’s check out how to create some nice controls you can use to make your rigging part lot easier.
For example when it comes to shapes we want to change the index color for one whole shape instead of three single ones just grouped and disguised as one 😉


We will start with that simple Nurbs Curve-Shapes. Therefore I created 2 curves and rotated them:

By taking a look into the Outliner we see whats really going on under the surface.


When it comes to rigging all you want to have is a clean work space with a clear hierarchy and especially: clean keys. So we better combine all those shapes to one object:


  1. delete History and freeze all transformations
  2. Select all shapes + one shape-group they will be combined into:
  3. Connect all of them by using script editor:
    parent -r -s;
  4. Voilá! After Refreshing the cache of Maya it handles it as one single object:

    • > Refresh >
  5. all empty groups left can be deleted now


Now you can override the drawing of nurbsCircle3 AND still individually for each single shape it contains. YAY!


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