A New Thought – A New Android App

Hey hey what’s up?

Busy times go along with busy minds. We all know about that. With the new App you can give your thousand thoughts a home and your head cleaned up. Easily keep them in your pocket – eehrm mobile phone. Just have a quick look, you can save, edit and delete your notes. To get your mind inspired a random image show up when you enter a note. All your notes are super save on your local files.

[KGVID width=”270″]https://susannbaumgart.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/NewThought_AppPreview.mp4[/KGVID]

Quick Tip – How to change the header color for your android app in 3 steps!


Step 1:

Open your App or create a new Project


Step 2:

Open the colors.xml that’s in your project by default (you can find this file here: app > res > values > “colors.xml”).

Change the color of the “colorPrimary” to any hex-value you like. Here I changed it from #000000 to #1A2A3A


Step 3:

The Color of the header is already changed. If you have multiple pages please be aware that this change is a global one and will affect the whole project with all it’s pages.


Stay positive!


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