DailyUI #001 – Sign-up Screen

Let the challenge begin!

I joined the daily ui challenge at dailyUI.co. It's awesome to tackle small issues on a regular basis to stay in training.
Let's see how it works out.

#001 - background story

For today I started off with an image as a base for this ui. I found attracted by this wonderful illustration of Ivan Haidutski. Than I did some brainstorming I can work with:

  • pet care
  • fat cats
  • pet overfeeding
  • poor animals: adorable when they are small but no one plays with when getting old
  • pet feedplanner
  • pet care-planner
  • for families (cat is still maunzing but was it fet already?)
  • overview for pet-sitter



Required info's for sign-up

A general good advice to gain users trust is to ONLY ask for information which is really necessary.
For a pet-care-planner-app I thought it would be:

  • email (for registration)
  • password (to make registration save)
  • legal stuff with optional newsletter
  • CTA-button (real sign up button)
  • alternative signup via 3rd party
  • escape screen (back to login)

Basic sign-up behaviour

  • Screen scrolls up
  • One-sentence business statement still visible
  • reachable CTA-buttons
  • replace redundant information on expand
  • list only active selection when collapsed

Should use black font color when switch is active.

  • Explanation WHY acceptance is needed
  • Still visible CTA-buttons