#004 Daily UI – calculator

Day 4/100

It's a pretty standard calculator. Pretty straight forward.
Features are designed in secondary buttons so the user directly notice them at app start.
On click at "settings" the menu opens. There I can imagine a clean list view (2 levels) of all things you can calculate in this app.
A quick access you get additionally at the top.

this is missing?

This it a screen capture of my Figma project.


this is missing?



Make your life an easy one!

For this project the biggest time-saver are Figma-Components.

I created a key once and choose the final design (color and corner radius) after all keys were set. Each instance can override attributes (here the color) but still keep the connection to the origin component. Nice!



There is always room for improvement!

Those daily challenges are quite hard to do. I wish I had more time for each one. Today I spend almost 1 and a half hours on this.

If I had more time I would...:

  • show switching through calc-carousel
  • show the menu/overview
  • different button states
  • demonstrate very very long operations (multi-line text input)