#005 Daily UI – app icon

Day 5/100



Yesterday I skipped because of having a life 😀 After my job I saw the breath-taking "Lions King" musical.
But today I did my homework and designed an app icon!






Android app icons

Android Studio is nice for a quick preview of how the different icon-sizes and types would look like. Here I just imported a JPEG.

There are some extra steps I would take for a final icon:

  • for best quality import vectors shapes
  • separate the background layer
  • use 2 icon styles:
    • small with less detail (like this one)
    • bigger with more details (more stars, faces for the sun and moon, luna crater etc.)




Stay save!

Android Studio gives you a hand by designing your perfect icon.
You can directly see your save areas. Within those guidelines it's almost guaranteed that your icon fits for all the different devices out there.


Happy designing!