#006 Daily UI – profile page

Day 6/100

My old hair dresser quit so right now I'm looking for a new one. By doing so I really miss details about the artists on those websites. All images I used are borrowed from google - yeah..it's just a prototype right?!

this is missing?


Things I would like to know


  • full name
  • photo
  • title
  • work history
  • shots of their work
  • contact
  • their favorite style



Figma Prototyping

I tried several tools for prototyping but with Figma I will stick.

Advantages (not sponsored):

  • By now you can have unlimited projects.
  • Easy to get into
  • Basic prototype functionalities
  • color palettes
  • easy to share (get a link)
  • comes with components



this is missing?

Basic scrolling in Figma

Once yo figured out it's so damn easy!
Let me give you the steps to go:

  1. create a new frame covering your content
  2. move it into you device-frame
    1. set this to "vertical scrolling" in the prototype tab
  3. adjust the clipping area
  4. groups can hold their position (checkbox in design tab)

That was fun :3